Songs We Play

Each song contains the lyrics with the chord changes and was compiled for private use with a few close friends to practice "picking" together around a campfire. Lyrics are provided to time the chord changes. Songs are old timey "traditional" that are in the public domain (1922 & earlier), or original songs, transcriptions, and lessons, presented for educational purposes and may only be used for private, individual study, education, or research. The last few pages of this pdf text file contain instructional info that will help other beginners (keys, chords, notes, tuning, tempo/beat, rules for jamming, etc.).

Download these 2 PDFs:

"SongsWePlay" can be printed onto letter sized paper (8.5 x 11). We put the pages into a 3 ring binder using clear sheet protectors (makes it easy to update pages, plus you can put 2 pages in each sheet protector). For night time playing around a campfire, we use an LED clip on light ("MightBright" XtraFlex Duet sells for about $18). You can clip it onto your music stand or the binder itself. Or you can also use an LED miners light.

PDF files can also be read on iPads and other device readers.

"Songs We Play" include old timey mountain folk music, bluegrass, gospel, reels, jigs, old country. Most all the songs are well known (popular) from their genre. The old melodies we play have their roots with the Scottish Irish and English that settled in the Southern Appalachian Mountains and Cumberland Plateau region. Lyrics for each melody have varied over time. For instance, the melody "Red Haired Boy" goes back to the ancient music of Ireland. Over time, a variety of lyrics have been written for this melody, including "Little Beggarman" (an old Fiddle tune known throughout the British Isles). "The Old Soldier with a Wooden Leg" is a US version of this melody from the American civil war.

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GarageBand is a tradename of Apple Computer.

Bluegrass Band

I wrote a song for Judy called "Walking with you Judy". I am no singer... but singing this song to Judy was important to me. So after much trial and error, I discovered that I could find the notes singing in C major. I used GarageBand to record the various tracks.

  • "Walking with you Judy" saved as an MP3 (5 MB music file for iTunes, MP3 player, iPad, etc.)
  • As a Text File with chords and lyrics (in ChordPro format, which can also be imported to Apps like OnSong)
  • As a PDF file with chords and lyrics